a little Irish memory 

On this St. Patrick’s Day, I can’t really say I have any Irish traditions to write about. Or any corn beef and cabbage to remember. 

However there is a certain picture I think of when I think of St. Patrick’s day….

I always called her my little ginger. Around St. Patrick’s day for the past 4 years I’d always put a green bandana around her neck to celebrate her heritage, or the heritage I gave her based on her hair color. It always brought some Irish spirit into the house around this time. But, this year I wasn’t able to put a green bandana on her, or take a smiling picture again…

I’m really missing that little Irish spirit today. 



One thought on “a little Irish memory 

  1. As you look at this picture of Zoe Zoe remember how wonderful it felt to put that bandana on her and how amazing it felt taking that pic of her smile! her Irish spirit is with you every day!


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