what is a challenge? 

Here I am again, after a long weekend trying to figure out what to write about. Currently walking in place and writing to complete two challenges. 

First challenge: write everyday for 31 days to complete a slice of life challenge.

Second challenge: walk 10,000 steps everyday. 

Why do we complete challenges? Why do we even begin them? Do we do them to beat other people? So we know how much better we are than others? Maybe to have bragging rights? 

I’ve learned that over the years a challenge isn’t something we start in order to prove ourselves. A challenge is something that should be done because you, personally want to complete something. You should never challenge yourself so you’re better than other people. You should challenge yourself to be better than yourself the last time you did it. 

Currently I am in the slice of life challenge because I haven’t sat down and wrote in a very long time. I haven’t given myself enough credit or time to do so. I wanted to challenge myself that I could do it after I thought about it too long and told myself I couldn’t. 

Even though I do enter daily Fitbit challenges with others, I don’t do them to have more steps than others. I do them to challenge myself to attempt 10,000 steps a day. Even if others have more than me, it doesn’t make me feel less of a walker, I look at the number of steps I had that day and think to myself wow, that’s awesome or, wow I better stand up and walk around. (Or walk in place) 

So I am currently walking in place because I know I can hit 10,000 steps before I go to bed. I am also typing this entry at the same time because I want to be able to say I completed my first slice of life challenge. 



2 thoughts on “what is a challenge? 

  1. Challenges can be such an inspiration…the feeling of completing a challenge successfully can be pretty powerful and slightly addictive (cough Fitbit cough)!


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